a manufacturer of Nickel Zinc ferrite products in Indonesia

The ultimate goal of PT. Sintertech

to provide total customer satisfaction through our quality policy’s, are :


PT. Sintertech

Established in 1998

PT. Sintertech is a manufacturer of Nickel Zinc ferrite products in Indonesia. Established in 1998, we have built reputation as a major and reliable supplier to ferrite users worldwide. Our collaboration with Japan Soryo Electronic Devices Corporation – formerly Soryou Denshi Kagaku Corp.) Research and Technological Support has enabled us to offer a wide range of high quality, standard and custom made Ni-Zn ferrite products in different materials to our customers.

PT. Sintertech manufacturing plants strategically located in Bekasi – Indonesia with an integral manufacturing process and equipment from powder preparation to final product finished, to offer our customers with products of the highest quality.

Start your business with SINTERTECH

Our website provides customers with an extensive range of standard product selection and is generally available from stock. In addition to the items shown in this website, PT. Sintertech can be produce items built-to order basis. Customized products can be manufactured in a variety of dimensions from any of the materials shown here.

To this end, we have always recognized and valued our customers and their needs and have made a long-term commitment to provide high quality products, technical and customer service. From PT. Sintertech, we are not only offering you our products, but also our full support and friendship. To us, purchasers and end users of our products are more than just customers; they are our partners. We believe that our partner’s success is PT. Sintertech success.